Beach Dining
Mohammed Salam, has worked at Mexican restaurants for 19 1/2 years, most recently for one in Vienna, Va.

Now he has decided to open his own restaurant, with dishes featuring his own special sauces.

Salam is owner and chef of Poblano Grill, located near the Bloom grocery store on Yellow Springs Road.

He created the decor for the restaurant, the former site of a Chinese eatery. The restaurant can seat 55.

Poblano Grill offers an extensive selection of Mexican fare, which includes burritos, enchiladas, tacos and fajitas, as well as a children’s menu and desserts.

Some of Salam’s specialties include Pollo Poblano (chicken with his own sauce); Pollo Santa Fe, with onions, mushrooms and cheese; Jesty Salmon, with a spicy sauce; and Shrimp Tequila, cooked with a dash of the liquor.

The restaurant makes guacamole fresh each day and can make dishes spicier at the customer’s request.

By Ed Waters Jr.
News-Post Staff